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Powering Taxi Business In

Attractive User Signup/Login module

Admin panel

A rewarding app for taxi businesses with real time tracking of resources, auto fare billing and business statistics, are controlled

Advance Navigation Panel

Dispatcher panel

White-label taxi dispatch system to manage orders, monitor dispatches, assign resources, view transaction logs and analyse ride reports.



Users have been bestowed with notification panel. It gives notification when booking a ride, ending of ride, payment procedure, etc.

Profile settings

App for passengers and drivers

An effective solution to hire affordable rides, accept ride requests, make route choices and initiate instant payments, all in a fraction of seconds

Get Car Details

Get Car Details

On the booking screen, User can check out the type of car, the name of car, the number of car, etc.

Time Estimation

Time Estimation

User can check out the estimated time of arrival on the booking screen of an application.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Mapsandtaxi comes with a user-friendly navigation. It allows you to track your trip by using the GPS.

Fare Summary

Fare Summary

The fare summary can be calculated upon the base fare, Extra kms and the time taken to reach.

Login and Sign up with Facebook and Email

Login and Signup with Facebook, Google+ and Email

This feature allows users to log in in Mapsandtaxi by signing up with Facebook credential, Google plus, email, etc.

Easy In app Navigation

Easy In App Navigation

It provides descendant and lateral navigation. It uses user?s location so the driver knows where to pick you up exactly.

Secure and bug free release

Secure and Bug Free Release

Be it a ready-made script or a custom development solution, we are assuring you that final product which is going to be deployed is secure and bug free.

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

This is used to verify user?s Email, user would get the verification email and by clicking on it, the email will be verified.


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