We are Mapsandtaxi.

Mapsandtaxi bridges the gap between the Taxi Companies and Customers by providing hassle-free interface.Management can be done at any level proving that currently we are powering over 10000+ Taxis in and around California and Canada.

Building blocks for Taxi Software

Carts and checkout API

Automated operations

Enjoy the convenience of a completely automated dispatch with a marvelously engineered taxi software

Inventory API

Incredible capacity

Ease your process of taxi dispatch with an extensive taxi management suite capable of handling 10000 taxis.

Orders API

Easy upscale

Upgrade your business from small to enterprise and easily switch your business plan as your needs change.

Payments API


Reduce risk, complexity and cost of payment integration and get aggregation of all the major payment gateways into our payments API.

Content and schemas API

Content & schemas

Create new or extend existing data models to control, integrate and deliver custom content in one place, across all of your channels with our content management API.