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Admin Features

Inclusive platform
The possibility of managing taxis, drivers and passengers in a single interface alleviates the entire dispatch process.
Efficient Monitoring
Exert a total control over all resources, taxi reservations, transactions, and perform all CRM activities, in the admin dashboard.
Managing resources
Add and manage dispatchers, drivers and taxis based on specific locations and execute an accurate and prompt dispatch service.
Compliant features
The option to switch between manual and automatic dispatch finding nearby taxis available allows increased flexibility.
Real time updates
Real-time updates on each ride help expedite your services and further extend your services to a large number of customers.
Surge Pricing
Increase your rate card in high demand places for taxi booking.

Driver App

Booking alerts
Drivers receive prompt and accurate push notifications on every passenger request and the status of all ongoing and upcoming rides.

Secured Login
Driver can login using secured credentials.

Driver referrals
Reward your drivers with impressive referral bonus on inviting their acquaintances to join the services and amplify your productivity with more drivers.

Street pick-ups
Reduce response times for customers by permitting drivers for street-picks on their way, and thus eliminating the waiting time till the next request.

Track Earnings
Detailed breakdown of driver earnings over time with useful insights and stats.

Passenger App

Easy Booking
Hassle free booking method allows your passenger to book nearest taxi.

Fare Estimate
Passenger will Know their spending before they take your service.

Ride packages
Passengers can be rolled out with two package plans to book cabs that are rental (local trips) and outstation (intercity travel) besides normal booking.
Split fare with fare estimate
Your customers can cut their ride expense splitting the fare among other riders and also receive a fare estimate to select the vehicle that best suits their budget.

Extensive ride details
Upscale your business further by providing your customers with real-time ride tracking feature and comprehensive details on the rides scheduled and undertaken.


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